Top Business of Pakistan Leading Companies

The top businesses of Pakistan are the following:

 The House of Habib:

The House of Habib is included in one of the top business Pakistan leading business conglomerates, with a history spanning decades. It has diverse interests in various sectors, including banking, automobiles, packaging, and chemicals.

Key Companies: Some of the prominent companies under the House of Habib include Indus Motors Company (Toyota Pakistan), Thal Limited (textiles and packaging), Habib Bank Limited (HBL), and Makro-Habib (wholesale retail).

Lucky Group:

It is a major industrial conglomerate in Pakistan with activities in manufacturing, textiles, energy, and healthcare.

Key Companies: Lucky Cement (one of the largest cement manufacturers in Pakistan), Lucky Textile Mills (textile manufacturing), Yunus Textile Mills (textile production), and Lucky Energy (power generation).

Engro Corporation:

It is known for its involvement in a range of industries, including fertilizers, chemicals, energy, and food. It has been a key player in transforming Pakistan’s industrial landscape.

Key Companies: Engro Fertilizers (leading fertilizer producer), Engro Foods (food and beverages), Engro Polymer & Chemicals (petrochemicals), and Engro Powergen (power generation).

Dawood Hercules Corporation:

Dawood Hercules Corporation operates in diverse sectors, including energy, petrochemicals, textiles, and foods. It is a result of a merger between the Dawood Group and the Hercules Group.

Key Companies: Hub Power Company (energy generation), Dawood Lawrencepur Limited (textile manufacturing), Engro Corporation (as a major shareholder), and Dawood Foundation (philanthropic activities).

Hashoo Group:

This is known for its presence in the hospitality industry, with a chain of luxury hotels and resorts in Pakistan. It has also expanded into other sectors.

Key Companies: Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts (luxury hotel chain), Orient Petroleum International (oil and gas exploration), and Zaver Petroleum Corporation (fuel supply and distribution).