Islamabad Jazz Packages – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Options

Islamabad Jazz Packages:

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, resonates with the harmonious tunes of Jazz packages. Jazz, one of the leading mobile network operators in the country, offers a plethora of connectivity solutions tailored to the diverse needs of Islamabad’s residents. In this article, we will delve into the world of Jazz packages, exploring their features, jazz internet packages, benefits, and the seamless connectivity they bring to the lives of the capital’s denizens.

The Essence of Islamabad Jazz Packages:

Jazz understands the unique requirements of Islamabad’s residents, and its packages are designed to cater to both individual and corporate needs. From affordable prepaid plans to comprehensive postpaid options, Jazz provides a spectrum of choices, ensuring that every user finds a package that aligns perfectly with their communication requirements.

How do I subscribe to Islamabad jazz offers?

  • Subscription. Fee As per customer Selection.
  • Subscription. Code *303#
  • Validity 1Day/7 Days/ 30 Days.
  • Status. Code *303*1# for Daily Validity.
  • Status. Code *303*7# for Weekly Validity.
  • Status. Code *303*30# for Monthly Validity.

Islamabad Jazz Super Daily Offer:

The Super Daily Offer is designed for users who seek a short-term solution for their communication needs. With this package, users can enjoy a generous volume of data, on-net minutes, and SMS for 24 hours. It caters to the fast-paced lifestyle of Islamabad’s residents who require flexibility and affordability.

  • Jazz introduces yet another best value bundle. Now, with the Super Bundle, you receive 1440 Jazz and Warid minutes for an entire day! Just dial *444# and select Super Bundle or directly dial *212#.

Weekly Super Duper Offer:

For those looking for a package that lasts a bit longer, the Weekly Super Duper Offer is a perfect fit. It offers a weekly allotment of minutes, SMS, and data, guaranteeing continuous connectivity all week long. This package is ideal for students, professionals, and families alike.

  • Upon dialing *506#, the customer will be subscribed to the Weekly Super Max Offer for exactly 7 calendar days. This bundle is non-recursive and customers will have to dial *506# again to avail the bundle more than once.

Monthly Mega Offer:

The Monthly Mega Offer is a comprehensive package that caters to the sustained connectivity needs of users in Islamabad. This package, which includes a substantial data volume, on-net minutes, and SMS, is ideal for people who need a dependable, long-term solution for their communication needs.

Code for jazz monthly package 2023?

Code: Dial *11714# from your Jazz SIM. Charges: The package is available at Rs. 600 per month. For those who are heavy internet users and demand a more significant data volume, the Jazz Monthly Supreme Internet Package is a great choice.

  • REGULAR: 60 GB. RS. 1739.13. Bundle Price. RS. 2000. Recharge Amount. (30 GB usable. 1 am – 1 pm) Subscription Code.
  • MEGA: 110 GB. RS. 2,086.95. Bundle Price. RS. 2,400. Recharge Amount. Subscription Code. *117*36# Status Code. …
  • HEAVY: 180 GB. RS. 2,608.69. Bundle Price. RS. 3,000. Recharge Amount. Subscription Code. *117*74# Status Code.

Instagram Jazz Packages

Instagram Jazz Packages offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a world of rhythm and sounds. You won’t have to break a sweat keeping connected to your favorite music with these excellent packages. It seems like you’re holding your very own jazz festival right in your palm! Why not enjoy the jazzy vibes instead? With Instagram Jazz Packages, you can get lost in the tune, keep the music playing, and enjoy yourself immensely. Who wouldn’t want to watch their own musical journey up close and personal, after all? Get ready to enhance the way you interact with social media!

  • Subscription Code: *757#
  • Price: Rs. 15
  • Data: 2GB for Instagram
  • Validity: 1 day (12 AM – 12 PM)
  • Status Code: 5582#

Postpaid Packages:

Islamabad Jazz Monthly Smart Package:

Tailored for the postpaid user, the Monthly Smart Package provides a fixed monthly quota of data, minutes, and SMS. This package is suitable for professionals and business owners in Islamabad who require a seamless and uninterrupted connection throughout the month.

Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package:

The Supreme Hybrid Package combines the best of both worlds, offering a flexible mix of on-net and off-net minutes, data, and SMS. This package is ideal for users who have diverse communication needs and want the convenience of a single, unified plan.

With Jazz Weekly Gupshup offer, get 1000 On-net minutes, 60 off-net minutes, 100 MB’s of internet and 1000 SMS for a whole week in just Rs. 165 (Incl. tax).Benefits of Islamabad Jazz Packages:


Jazz understands the economic diversity of Islamabad’s population, and its packages are priced competitively. Jazz makes sure that high-quality connectivity is affordable for everyone, including corporate workers and students.


The diverse range of packages offered by Jazz provides users with the flexibility to choose a plan that aligns with their specific needs. Whether it’s a short-term solution or a comprehensive long-term package, Jazz has it all.


With Jazz’s extensive network coverage in Islamabad and beyond, users can rely on a stable and robust connection. This reliability is crucial for professionals, students, and families who depend on uninterrupted communication.

Innovative Services:

Jazz doesn’t just stop at basic connectivity; it goes beyond to offer innovative services. From digital payment solutions to entertainment packages, Jazz enhances the overall user experience, making it more than just a telecom service provider.

How to Subscribe to Islamabad Jazz Packages:

  • Dial *476# to subscribe to the Super New Sim Offer and get 6GB, 600 Jazz mins & SMS, and 30 other network mins in just Rs.78 (incl. of tax).

Subscribing to Islamabad Jazz packages is a hassle-free process. Users can conveniently activate their desired package through the Jazz website, mobile app, or by dialing the specified subscription code. This user-friendly approach ensures that even those unfamiliar with technology can easily access and manage their Jazz packages.


In the vibrant tapestry of Islamabad’s telecommunications landscape, Jazz packages stand out as the rhythm that harmonizes connectivity for its residents. Both consumers and organizations choose Jazz because of its innovative services, flexibility, affordability, and dependability. As Islamabad continues to evolve as a modern and connected city, Jazz remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that resonate with the diverse needs of its inhabitants. Embrace the rhythm of connectivity with Islamabad Jazz packages and experience a world where communication knows no bounds.